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New Member

Federal e-file was rejected

State & federal e file rejected
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Expert Alumni

Federal e-file was rejected

You will have to correct the issues that caused your federal and state tax returns to be rejected.  Once you have made the corrections you may e-file your tax returns.


Because your tax returns were rejected you do not have to file an amended tax return.

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Level 1

Federal e-file was rejected

My 2019 federal e-file was rejected. The TurboTax nessage says it "may" be that the prior year AGI figure was wrong. I think the AGI was correct. Shouldn't there be a rejection code that explains exactly what was wrong? Also, is there any way to chat directly with a TurboTax person?

Level 1

Federal e-file was rejected

Turbo Tax won't admit it yet, but they have a bug in their software that causes it to submit the wrong AGI for 2018. Until they fix the problem your only choice is to print and file by mail.

Expert Alumni

Federal e-file was rejected

Being rejected means that some things on your return don't match what the IRS has in their database. Here's how you can fix it.


Step 1: Check your email

Look for an ACTION NEEDED! email from It will give you a brief explanation of your reject and how to update it.  If you didn't get an email, open your return to get the rejection reason and proceed to step 2.


Step 2: Search for a solution

Here are links to solutions for the 10 most "popular" IRS rejections:

  • IND-031-04: The AGI or Self-select PIN from last year for the first taxpayer doesn't match IRS records
  • FW2-502: The name or EIN for an employer on your W-2 doesn't match IRS records
  • IND-52: The date of birth does not match IRS records
  • R0000-507-01: A dependent on your return has already been claimed on another return
  • R0000-504-02: The name or Social Security number for a dependent on your return doesn't match IRS records
  • IND-032-04: The spouse's AGI or Self-select PIN from last year doesn't match IRS records
  • R0000-500-01: The name or Social Security number for the first taxpayer doesn't match IRS records
  • IND-181-01: The Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) for the first taxpayer on your return is missing
  • IND-516-01: If the Primary Taxpayer is claimed as an exemption in the return, then the Primary SSN must not be the same as a Dependent SSN on another return
  • IND-046-01: Form 8862 is missing from the tax return and it is required to be able to claim the earned income credit (EIC)

Step 3: Open and fix your return

Sign in to your account and select the Fix my return button. Follow any “fix it” instructions to update the information causing the rejection.


Not all rejections will have explicit guides to fix the information. You’ll need to navigate to the program area to address the cause of the rejection, then proceed to the final step.


If what you originally entered is correct, you won't be able to e-file. There's probably a data mismatch at the government, a dependent that's already been claimed, or some other situation beyond your control that prevents your return from being e-filed. In these cases, go ahead and file a paper return, rather than wasting your time trying to "fix" something you can't fix.


Step 4: Re-file your return

If you were guided through fixing your reject, select the option to refile when you’ve finished.


If you had to navigate to the area in the program yourself, when you’ve finished, select File in the left-hand menu (mobile devices: go to the upper-left corner to open the side menu, then select File). Follow the onscreen instructions to either e-file your return or file by mail.


 If you get the same rejection a second time and you see no mistakes on your return, select the File by mail option to paper-file your return. Sometimes, returns keep getting rejected even though there's nothing wrong with them (data mismatches, dependents already claimed, and so forth).




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Level 1

Federal e-file was rejected

Thanks! This is really helpful. RP

New Member

Federal e-file was rejected

INCORRECT!!! The "Expert" reply is not a solution. I have been attempting to submit my parent's federal tax returns for three days. I have called support five times. First off, nobody in support can answer the questions clearly. They pause and delay while they look up the answer which does not exist. The taxes have been rejected at least 8 times now over the past three days. Every time we get the email it says that either the PIN or the AGI is incorrect. Once you click on the check status and move to the next screen, it tells us the AGI does not match. INCORRECT! It does match. I imported 2018 into the program as I do every year. It fills the number in automatically. I then verify this number with last year's taxes which I have pdf copies of on my computer. Because Intuit INSISTED the problem was the government, I then created an account on the IRS website so I could see past transcripts. I verified the number is correct there as well. I have verified the s**t out of everything and STILL cannot get the (&@#$(%*Y* taxes to NOT be rejected. 


In the process of listening to support, I have created an additional nightmare for myself by following the steps on the IRS website to create an IP PIN. DO NOT DO THIS. An IP PIN is for Identity Protection. This means that every year you will have to get a new IP PIN to file your taxes. And for those that aren't aware, the IP PIN is 6 digits and goes in a completely different place than the digital signature area. One rep suggested I don't include a PIN at the digital signature spot. Guess what? NOT AN OPTION. You MUST throw a number in there. The software will not let you continue without it, yet I read somewhere that the Feds have done away with the PIN and they use the AGI from last year as verification. Why is it still there then? Is it holding things up? I've also been told to use $0 for the AGI but that didn't work. The $0 option is actually for those that filed late which we never do so crap advice. 


I do not want to file by mail. I want to do what I've always done which has NEVER been a problem. We file electronically and do not have to worry about postage or printing off a ton of pages. The problem is CLEARLY with TurboTax and I'm tired of getting s**t advice from a low-tier support agent. Take this seriously or you can refund my money. And while you are at it, how about we add a lawsuit for the stress this is causing? If the government keeps telling the software the AGI is incorrect but the software keeps showing me the correct number... the same number in the transcripts... I'd say the problem is in transmission from the software. And if the PIN is no longer necessary, then why can't it be skipped? By the way, if anybody actually gets through to the IRS, please tell me how you did it. Every time I go through the massive selection process, the system tells me it's too busy and to go f**k myself. 

New Member

Federal e-file was rejected

@Bpaulin I'm with you and it is making me extremely angry with them. I'm just not OK with filing via the mail. 

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