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Earned income in2017, didn't receive a 1099 for 2017, W9 was filled out in 2018.

I earned income from YouTube Adsense in 2017 but didn't fill out W9 until March of 2018.

I earned about $6,000 from YouTube Adsense in 2017. It shows monthly the deposits into my adsense account. I was never able to withdraw the money from the adsense account because I never filled out a W9 form. I finally filled out the W9 in March. I never received a 1099 from Adsense, I manually requested for one and they said, "Our records show that you did not meet any of the payment thresholds below to be eligible for a year-end US tax form for 2017: 

  • $600 or more for services performed by someone who is not a Google employee"

I did finally withdraw the $6,000 from the adsense account into my business checking account after filling out the W9 in March of 2018.


My question is, do I report the income in 2017 or 2018?

Will the earnings in 2017 be on a 2018 1099 from adsense?

I have a bunch of expenses from making the youtube videos for the adsense earnings in 2017, do I still expense those in 2017 and take a loss if I have to report the earnings in 2018?

Any suggestions on handling this whole situation?

Thank You