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Dispute a 1099-Misc on college tuition

My parent issued me an 1099-Misc for my college tuition. I found out today it's not correct to issue an 1099 for the education expense. However, they insist that it is too late and unwilling to send out a corrected copy. Is there anyway I can indicate this on my tax form or inform IRS directly to void the 1099-Misc?

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Dispute a 1099-Misc on college tuition

You're right, your parents should never have issued you a 1099 for your college tuition.  You can:

  • Just hold onto it and not report it, and when the IRS asks you about it explain that this was not taxable income, and describe what happened.
  • Report the income, then take a corresponding deduction for it. First, report the 1099, and in the questions that follow say it was not for work like your regular job and that it did not involve an attempt to earn money. Then, go back to Wages and Income, and scroll down to Less Common Income. Click on Miscellaneous Income (all the way at the bottom of the screen), then Other Reportable Income. Say you received other income, then on the screen Other Taxable Income enter a negative amount for the tuition. So if the 1099 was for $5000, enter -5000 in this section. That will zero out the 1099, and yet you will have reported it.
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Dispute a 1099-Misc on college tuition

I have similar but different situation and I am wondering if I can handle it as suggested in your college tuition answer.


I recieved a 1099 from an insurance company after we surrendered that policy at a value of 10K+.  The plicy had been passed on ththroguh various companies over 25 years with us paying over 9K in premiums over the years.  BUT, the 1099 only shows  abasis on 1K (equates to the premiums we have paid them since they took over the plicy)  I have explained to them that we had paid much more in premiums over the years and our basis was much higher resulting in only 1K of taxable income  ,lrahter than the 9K that they reported.  So far no help from them.  I have contaced the IRSA and they are sending a "letter" to the company and have filed a complaint with the State Dept of Insurance. 


What can I do?