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i have a 1099-misc for 20400 but I have a employe and I give to him a 1099-misc for 12000 

How I  have to entre my income for 8400 or 20400 ?

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Normally, you will report the total dollar amount shown on your 1099-Misc. I assume this is Box 7 of your 1099 Misc which shows $20,400. The $12,000 paid to your employee would have to be shown as a business expense in the body of your tax return. 

Employee Tax Expert


PEK is correct. Enter your 1099-MISC in the income section for your business for $20,400 then list your contract labor under the expense section. If using an online version, you may need to select the small drop down arrow next to Less Common Expenses to see the contract labor category.






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