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Bug in Asset Entry Worksheet in Turbotax Premier for 2017

I imported my 2016 tax return and had a new asset to depreciate.  As I entered data in the Asset Entry Worksheet for this new asset, I accidentally selected an Asset Entry Worksheet for an old asset that was already being depreciated.  I accidentally put an 'X' in a box on line 8h (special depreciation allowance).  Turbotax noted this as an error but will not let me remove the 'X'.


When I go to the "fix errors" I am given the choice of "No Entry" but when I select this the error remains and the program loops and tells me to choose "No Entry" over and over again.


When I go to the form itself I am unable to "uncheck" the box and there is no option to override available.


This seems to be a bug in the program


Because thus "Error" remains, Turbotax will not let me file electronically!