Bank account paying 20k tax might be blocked??
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Bank account paying 20k tax might be blocked??

I'm going to request 6 months extension for tax filing and pay estimated tax around 20k today April 16 or on the due day April 17. I opened a new bank account on April 9 especially for IRS tax payment. I just transferred 20k from PayPal direct deposit into this bank account on April 12. From online banking I saw the 20k funds are ready for use. I have not yet got the ATM card which is being mailed to me in 5-10 days. On April 13 I went to the back to ask for a temporary check that I will use to pay IRS. However the teller told me the 20k funds not available for me right now because my account is red flagged for the recent large 20k deposit. A new bank account receiving large funds is usually required for verification. The teller refused to answer how long does the verification takes and how the bank verifies.


I have never filed tax in the U.S in the past so some payment options which ask for previous year's tax filing information to authenticate may be not available to me.


I will ask an accountant to help me file and pay.


I wonder even if I go the back again today and the teller tells me the verification is finished, I can be guaranteed to make payment using bank account successfully? Does anyone know, usually a bank will block (or not?) a direct debit ACH transfer for a large amount of payment like 20k from a regular personal checking account? At least the teller told me a visa debit ATM card cannot use that large amount of money. From this web page I know 2% penalty applies for Dishonored Payments. It will not only apply to checks but also other payment option like directly from bank account? Accountant may help me e-filing my request for extension and make payment using my bank account. What the accountant will do I guess is just to enter my bank account routing number and account number to initiate an ACH direct debit. But it takes at least one day to know if the debit will be successful? In case my bank blocks this large amount 20k debit, I will receive 2% x 20k = 4k penalty?


Anyone can give more information about large payment transaction via regular personal checking account and help me out?

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Bank account paying 20k tax might be blocked??

Filing an extension is certainly a great option if you are unsure how long your bank will hold your money before it clears. However, you may also be able to break up payments over time, see the resource here for various payment options, including debit transactions: 

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