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2018 Roth IRA penalty TurboTax Online amend instructions

  1. Sign in to TurboTax.
  2. On the Tax Home screen, scroll down and select Your tax returns & documents.
  3. Under Your tax returns & documents, select Amend (change) return.
  4. In the Amend (change) return section, select the Amend using TurboTax Online button.
  5. On the OK, let’s get a kickstart on your 2018 amended return screen, select TurboTax sent me an email and Continue.
  6. On the What did we contact you about? screen, select Amending my return to fix info and Continue.
  7. On the Tell us which 2018 return(s) you want to amend screen, select 2018 Federal and State returns and Continue.
  8. On the Here’s the info for your amended federal return screen, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select Done.
    • Note: This is an automatic fix. You don’t need to make any changes on your return.
  9. On the Tell us why you‘re amending your return screen, enter the following explanation: Amending return to remove the additional tax incorrectly calculated on 1099-R distribution converted to Roth IRA. When finished, select Continue.
  10. Confirm your mailing address and continue answering the questions until you see Let’s get started on your state taxes screen. Select Continue.
  11. On the Status of your state returns screen, select Amend next to your state.
  12. On the Let’s Amend Your State Return screen, select Yes, let’s amend and get it done and Continue.
  13.  Select Continue on the Amended Return Instructions screen. Confirm your information, answer the questions, and review your results.
  14.  When you reach the Let’s Make Sure You’re Ready to Review screen, select Yes, I’ve entered everything and let’s review. Select Continue and follow the steps.
  15. When you see Here are the numbers for your amended return screen, review the refunded amount. Select Continue and follow the steps to print and save your return. Follow the TurboTax Amended Return Filing Instructions for your amended federal and state returns.
    • Note: If your amended state tax return doesn't change, you don't need to print and mail your state return. Not all states have an additional tax for early withdrawals from a IRA.
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