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Turbotax Deluxe 2020: HSA Family Contribution Limit is in error

The 2020 contribution limit for family HSA contribution with over-55 catch up is $8,100.  Turbotax says I have a $100 excess contribution.  It looks like Turbotax is using 2019 limits.  How do I report this bug so that the app can be fixed?

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Turbotax Deluxe 2020: HSA Family Contribution Limit is in error

TT at this point is basically the 2019 program and does not reflect 2020 changes.  The program is being updated but will probably not be ready until Dec 4th and some items might not be ready until a later date. 

e-filing will not open until January.  

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Turbotax Deluxe 2020: HSA Family Contribution Limit is in error

It is NOT a bug ... it is an incomplete program and it will not be fully operational until sometime in January or February for some things like states.   The program will undergo weekly updates as they complete sections ... this happens every year without exception.  


ANY tax software released by any company prior to about January 15 is only released for marketing and market share.  No program is complete and ready to file until the IRS approves their final forms and then individually reviews each program's implementation of the form.  And some tax situations aren't able to be filed until February or March, again mostly due to IRS delays.


Now, it would be better if the updates that were easy to do were done in advance.  But that may not fit the program workflow.  For example, if the MAGI calculation is part of the module or subroutine for form 8606, the programmers may decide not to update any part of the 8606 subroutine until the actual form and instructions for 2020 are released by the IRS and then reprogram the entire module all at once.  






Please be careful about being in too much of a hurry to file your next tax return.  Every year we see people who are in such a rush to file that they file incorrectly and incompletely.  If you file too early and leave out a W-2 or a 1099, or forget to enter information, you will end up having to amend your tax return---and that takes months.  Employers have until the end of January to issue W-2's----and ALL of your 2020 W-2's have to be on the same tax return.  Many of the 1099's and 1098's you need do not arrive until late January or sometime in February.  If you are getting Earned Income Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit, the IRS is going to hold your refund until the end of February no matter how early you file.  There seems to be a greater chance of "early" returns being reviewed and those refunds are delayed, or early returns are more often subject to identity verification--which will also delay processing.  Filing too early may just be a recipe for a delayed refund.  It might go more smoothly for you if you wait until at least mid-February to file instead of e-filing during the first minute that you can do it.


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Turbotax Deluxe 2020: HSA Family Contribution Limit is in error

it would be best to review your 2019 tax return and make a checklist of all the documents you are expecting - is anything new this year that didn't appear last year (e.g. a new job?) is anything no longer applicable? Once all those documents on the checklist are received, THEN it'll be time to do your 2020 tax return - that will probably be in late January because, for the most part, employers, etc. are required to send these documents by the end of January (there are a few exceptions - complicated broker statements, for example and K-1s are another example - where more time is permitted to send these documents out) 

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