Turbo Tax says I have excess employer HSA contribu...
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Turbo Tax says I have excess employer HSA contribution of $7000

I've gone through the questions 20x.  Wife has the HSA through work.  1099-SA info is $5,380.92 all used for medical purposes with the Distribution Code of "1".  Wife's 2019 W-2 shows HSA contribution of $6999.98.  Wife is covered by HDHP all 12 months of 2019.  No other strange answers, no medicare, no inherited HSA.  I don't have an HSA account and was only covered by her insurance.  No other contributions to her HSA account was made. ("0" in that question about additional contributions).  I can't get the return to remove the indication that I am going to have to withdraw the excess employer contributions of $7000?  Am I getting taxed on that?  


Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Turbo Tax says I have excess employer HSA contribution of $7000

no one on this forum can see your tax return. You seem to have hit all the standard bases.  You may need to call customer support Monday morning. If you are using an online program they can look at your file; if you are using the desktop program they can initiate a screen share and help you look at the forms and worksheets.  You may simply want to delete your spouse’s W-2 and re-enter it. Make sure you answer the healthcare qualification questions carefully. And remember that you will be disqualified if either one of you has any other type of overlapping medical insurance, and that includes a medical flexible spending account (FSA).


*Answers are correct to the best of my ability at the time of posting but do not constitute legal or tax advice.*
Level 1

Turbo Tax says I have excess employer HSA contribution of $7000

Thanks.  Already tried re-entering her W-2.  Will see if Turbo tax can help

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