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Form 8949 for mail in missing a line from printout

I have to mail in From 8949 to the IRS. It includes two pages, one for Short Term and one for Long Term. There is a line entry missing from the Long Term sheet. I went back to check that I had entered the information correctly. It all looks fine. Suggestions?

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Form 8949 for mail in missing a line from printout

I’m guessing that you’re talking about filing Form 8949 with Form 8453, U.S. Individual Income Tax Transmittal for an IRS e-file Return. 

If a line is missing from your printed version of Form 8949, and you can’t troubleshoot a solution, simply write the line number and a line (underscore) in the margin, entering either the amount or 0 (zero) on the line.

You can also attach a statement, if you want, explaining what you’ve done.

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Form 8949 for mail in missing a line from printout

IRS requires details for every transaction to be listed on Form 8949,
or on your own forms (e.g. consolidated 1099-B) which have the same information and in the same manner as Form 8949.
Either way, if you choose to summarize, you have to mail the transaction details to the IRS within three business days of IRS accepting your e-Filed tax return.


Don't mail in the Form 8949 generated by TurboTax showing code "M" in col(f), that form is e-Filed and tells the IRS that you'll be mailing the details separately.