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Vehicle repair expenses

Where can i add this?
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Vehicle repair expenses

Please use the steps below to get to the area where you can enter various repair/maintenance costs associated with your vehicle.

Follow the instructions below to enter vehicle expenses:

1. Select "Federal Taxes" at the top of the page

2. Select the "Deductions & Credits" sub-tab

3. Scroll down to "Employment Expenses" and select "Show More"

4. Select "Start" next to "Job Expenses for W-2 Income"

5. Select "Edit" next to your occupation(Or enter it when asked)

6. Select “Edit” next to your vehicle and continue to edit your mileage

7. After entering your mileage you should arrive to a screen asking "Do You Want to Enter Your Actual Expenses?", answer "Yes". Here you can enter your gas expenses, repair/maintenance expenses, etc.

8. Continue entering your information until finished

Visit this IRS link for a more complete explanation on how to claim job-related vehicle mileage and expenses: