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Need to know where to go to file or claim miles driven for work

she travels form home to a mobile office. An average commute is over 100+ miles
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Need to know where to go to file or claim miles driven for work

Regular commuting miles are not deductible (i.e. from home to principal place of work and back home) no matter how many miles.  

Here is a good excerpt from TurboTax guidance on the type of auto expenses that can be deducted.

Deductible auto costs include expenses for traveling between one workplace and another (not including a home office), visiting clients, going to a business meeting away from your regular workplace or getting to a temporary workplace. If you work in two places in one day, whether or not for the same employer, you can deduct the cost of going between them.

If you have no permanent office and work regularly within your metropolitan area, you can deduct the cost of travel outside that metropolitan area. You cannot, however, deduct typical commuting costs within your metropolitan area.

For commuters, the costs of traveling to and from work, whether by train, car, cab or bus, are considered personal expenses—even if you do work on the trip. The cost of parking at your permanent place of work is not deductible, but parking to attend a business meeting is. Similarly, tolls and gas are not deductible for regular transportation to work, but are deductible for work-related trips.

If there are other deductible commuting expenses, then as an employee you will enter your job related expenses under Employment Expenses in the Deductions and Credits section of the program.  

It might be easiest to use the search feature -
  • Log into your account and make sure you first hit Take Me to My Return
  • In the top right hand corner, you can select the Search icon (magnifying glass)
  • Search for "2106"
  • Click "jump to 2106"
  • This will bring you directly to the job related expense area
Or, follow the steps below - 
  • Log into your account and hit Take Me to My Return
  • Click on Federal Taxes
  • Then Deductions and Credits
  • Scroll down until you see Employment Expenses (you may have to click Check for More Credits and Show All to get the full list to appear)
  • Click on Job Expenses for W2 income 
  • Follow the guide and answer the questions.  The program will ask you about mileage expenses and other possible job related expenses

Please note that as a W2 employee deduct employee related business expenses can be difficult as you will have to meet the 2% floor.  Under the 2% rule, you're only allowed to deduct the portion of miscellaneous expenses that exceeds 2% of your adjusted gross income (AGI). You must also itemize to get this deduction.

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