Inexact "Date Taxes Paid" for foreign 1099-DIV
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Inexact "Date Taxes Paid" for foreign 1099-DIV

My brokerage provided a 1099-DIV with Line 6 "Foreign Tax Paid," so I'm going through the interview in TurboTax Premier 2017 to claim a foreign tax credit. The brokerage also supplied the foreign dividend amounts and "country" (all "RIC") in a supplemental table, so I can fill in TurboTax's initial fields. But then it asks "Date Taxes Paid", with 12/31/2017 pre-filled. The brokerage's supplemental info has a "Paid in 2017" column that is all $0, and a "Paid/Adjusted in 2018 for 2017" column with all the amounts of foreign taxes.

So the Date Taxes Paid wasn't 12/31/2017 and it must have been in the first few months of 2018, but I can't be any more precise. What should I enter?

(And TurboTax Premier has no help content or guidance or anything for this field, grrr.)
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Inexact "Date Taxes Paid" for foreign 1099-DIV

You can absolutely file with 12/31/17 as the date with no problem. There may also be an option to mark it as withheld, and then you don't need to enter a date at all.

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