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Level 3

Estate tax return

I am the executor of my Aunt's estate who passed away 2017, the will is still in probate so technically I have not been appointed but will be. In looking at filing the return for the estate (1041) it asked if I am a beneficiary and asked if there are others, again there is no distribution yet as the will is still in probate so how do I answer and show any of her 1099's etc. or do I wait and file in 2018?

I have an EIN for the estate and the personal taxes are being completed and will be filed by deadline

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Level 7

Estate tax return

If you think the probate will not be completed in time to file the Estate Tax Return Form 1041 by the April 17th deadline, you can apply for an extension.

Here's an IRS link to do that:

Also, more info you may find helpful:

Level 20

Estate tax return

You should also be aware that, since this would be the first income tax return filed on behalf of the estate, a fiscal year could be adopted (which might extend the deadline for the filing of the return without the need for an extension).

For example, if your Aunt passed away in June of 2017, you could adopt a fiscal year ending on May 31, 2018 which would entail a filing deadline of September 17, 2018.