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I contributed to an HSa in 2020. Why is it asking me if my spouse contributed to a HDHP?

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I contributed to an HSa in 2020. Why is it asking me if my spouse contributed to a HDHP?

Review the W-2 entry ... did you report the form to the correct spouse ?


The HSA is handled in 3 parts in the TT program :

First the contribution:




Next the limitations screen to confirm you are eligible to make the contributions:

Until you complete the HSA portion of the TurboTax interview to establish your eligibility for an HSA contribution, TurboTax will treat the amount entered on the W-2 form as an excess HSA contribution.



And lastly any distribution:



I contributed to an HSa in 2020. Why is it asking me if my spouse contributed to a HDHP?

If your spouse made contributions to an HSA, that affects your contribution limit as well.


You need to know a couple of basic points. First, an HSA is an individual account, there are no joint accounts even though you might have family or joint medical insurance.  And second, if your spouse is covered by your HSA-eligible HDHP, and does not have other disqualifying coverage, then your spouse is eligible to contribute to an HSA in their own name even though the insurance coverage is in your name.  If you are covered by a family HDHP, then your spouse is automatically considered to be covered by a family HDHP.


however, your annual contribution limit is shared. If you are both under age 55, then the maximum that you can contribute to an HSA if you are covered by a family HDHP is $7200. That can be split anyway you choose. For example, it might all be contributed to your HSA through your employer. Or, you might contribute $4200 through your employer and your spouse could open a private HSA at almost any bank that offers them, and contribute $3000 out-of-pocket and take the tax deduction.  So TurboTax may want to know whether your spouse made any contributions to an HSA in their name because that affects the limit of contributions that you can make to your HSA.


(This is a separate issue from any confusion that might have arisen if you entered your or your spouses W-2 incorrectly and indicated a box 12 item with code W for your spouse by accident.)

*Answers are correct to the best of my ability at the time of posting but do not constitute legal or tax advice.*
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