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New Member

How do I get my 2019 form1040-es?

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Level 15

How do I get my 2019 form1040-es?

Are you wanting to figure and print the payment vouchers for quarterly estimated taxes?

Have you already filed, or does TurboTax think you were finished?  If so, we can tell you how to open your return back up to go through the estimated taxes interview and print out 2019 Form 1040-ES vouchers.  Or is your return still in preparation and you can open it with "Take me to my return?"

Also be aware that you have other payment options for quarterly estimated payments that involve no paperwork, checks, etc.   The Treasury has a site called where many types of tax payments can be made, including quarterly estimated taxes or tax due from a Form 1040, etc.  You have to open an account and get a PIN (which they send in postal mail).  We can tell you more about, but time is running short to get that set up before April 15.

Or if you don't want to open an account at EFTPS, you can use IRS Direct Pay at the website, which allows you to make 1040-ES payments directly out of your bank account (free) and to print out a confirmation.
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We can tell you how to get to the estimated taxes interview and vouchers when you answer my question above.
New Member

How do I get my 2019 form1040-es?

I finished but have not yet filed
Level 15

How do I get my 2019 form1040-es?

You can go through the section "W-4 and Estimated Taxes" to figure your customized 1040-ES quarterly tax payments for 2019.    There is also a place in that interview to enter what you have already paid for 2019 (if applicable), and it will let you include any expected income changes or any other changes you have for 2019.

  • Log in, and as you mentioned above, if TurboTax thinks you are finished, you likely will no longer have the "Take me to my return" button.  If you do have that button, use it to get into your return.  If not, you'll need to open your return back up in the following manner:
  • Go to the section "Your Tax Returns & Documents".  Click on that line or the word SHOW to expand, then choose 2018.
  • Choose "Add a State."  (you don't really add one; that's just to get the return to open back up.)
  • Once the return is open and past the blue-green screen, click in the left menu column on Federal.
  • Then at the top choose subtab "Other Tax Situations"
  • Scroll way down to the last category "Other Tax Forms"
  • Find topic "Form W-4 and Estimated Taxes" and click Start or Update.
  • If you need to adjust withholding, go through the W-4 interview.
  • If you don't need the W-4 (withholding) interview, you can skip that part and go to the 2019 estimated taxes interview.
  • You may get a screen that says "Review your Estimates for 2019?" and asks "Do you want to adjust/review your income or deductions".  Say YES (or Review Now), so you can get to the additional questions.
  • You will go through a lot of screens asking about expected income and deductions.
  • Finally, you will come to a screen that says "Enter Payments You Expect to Make."
  • There are some boxes there that say "Enter estimated tax payments you've already made for 2019."  
  • Next screen will ask "which method" to use to calculate your 2019 estimated payments.
  • Next screen will ask if you want to print vouchers.
NOTE:  Your screens may look different if you have never visited that "Other Tax Situations" topic.  If you have trouble navigating with the steps above, see the shortcut method I've provided in the comment below.

Level 15

How do I get my 2019 form1040-es?

When you go to the section "Other Tax Situations", if you don't easily see the topic "Other Tax Forms", look for a link that says "Other uncommon situations".  Click that, and it will expand that list of topics where you can hopefully see "Other Tax Forms".

Or if you still can't find it there using the standard navigation steps, here's another way to get there, which is a direct shortcut that might be easier:

With your return open, at the top right click on SEARCH.
Enter  the term 1040-ES without quotes, and click the blue magnifying glass.
Then click "Jump to 1040-ES."
Next screen says:  "Adjust how much tax you pay."  It first asks if you want to change your W-4 withholdings (if applicable).  Yes or no.
If "yes", it will first have screens about your W-4.
If "no", the next screen will be "Estimated Taxes for 2019" which asks if you want to prepare estimated taxes.
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