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Health Insurance Premium for a minor

I am divorced with two minor children (14 &16). I claim the 14 year old as my dependent on my taxes and my ex-wife claims the other child. However, I pay for both their premiums and am self employed. My 14 year old, whom I claim on my taxers, and myself have coverage through the health insurance marketplace and get the credit based on 1095-A statement. HOW CAN I DEDUCT THE OTHER $3,284 I PAY IN HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS FOR MY 16 YEAR OLD FOR WHOM I HAVE A SEPARATE POLICY OUTSIDE THE HEALTH INSURANCE MARKETPLACE? Thank you so much for the advice!

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Health Insurance Premium for a minor

Child of divorced or separated parents. For purposes
of the medical and dental expenses deduction (including health insurance) , a child of
divorced or separated parents can be treated as a dependent of both parents. Each parent can include the
medical expenses he or she pays for the child, even if the
other parent claims the child's dependency exemption, if:
1. The child is in the custody of one or both parents for
more than half the year;
2. The child receives over half of his or her support during the year from his or her parents; and
3. The child's parents:
a. Are divorced or legally separated under a decree
of divorce or separate maintenance,
b. Are separated under a written separation agreement, or
c. Live apart at all times during the last 6 months of
the year.
This doesn't apply if the child's exemption is being
claimed under a multiple support agreement - if this applies, seems unlikely, see IRS publication 502


i see no problem in you claiming the deduction on schedule A medical expenses.   however, you will get no benefit if your standard deduction exceeds your itemized deductions.  

Level 15

Health Insurance Premium for a minor

Since he/she is not your dependent, his insurance premium  does not qualify for the "above the line" self employed insurance deduction.  As previously indicated, the cost does qualify for Schedule A (itemized deductions).

Level 1

Health Insurance Premium for a minor

Thank you HACKITOFF! I read the publication and feel smarter as a result. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) , my medical expenses including insurance premiums for my son (whom I do not declare as a child dependent exemption), myself and my daughter (who I do declare as a child dependent exemption) only adds up to about $4500, so it is less than the standard deduction. 

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