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Foreign tax credit - entering foreign qualified dividends

TT is asking me "Any foreign source qualified dividends or long term capital gains?" in connection with calculating my foreign tax credit.  I've entered in the "Total foreign income for this category," which I've taken from my Fidelity 1099-DIV Supp info ("Foreign Income and Taxes Summary" table, "Total Foreign Income" column).  The next box asks for "Foreign qualified dividends and l.t. capital gains."  I assumed this also comes from the same table in my 1099-DIV, which splits up "Dividends" into "Qualified" and "Nonqualified."  But when I enter the amount under "Qualified" from my 1099-DIV, I get an error from TT saying "This field should be at least $X."  What am I doing wrong?


I tried @rogge1722  tip ( and indeed came out with A3<B3, so I must be misinterpreting my 1099-DIV but I don't know how to correct it.  Thanks in advance!



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