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Duplex mortgage interest deductions

I own a duplex the when I enter the mortgage interest and water bill for the building do I enter the full amount of interest and water bill and turbo tax will calculate half or do I enter half of the interest and water bill
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Duplex mortgage interest deductions

Yes. Enter the full amount of each of your expenses and Turbo Tax will calculate the amount that is deductible as a rental expense as well as any amounts that you can take as itemized deductions, if you qualify to itemize.

To enter your expenses in Turbo Tax:

  • log in to your Turbo Tax account
  • click on "take me to my return"
  • click on "federal taxes" tab
  • click on "wages and income"
  • scroll down to rental properties and royalties" and click on "edit/add"
  • Turbo Tax will start asking you questions about your rental property. Be sure to indicate that you are renting out a duplex that you also live in. 
  • You will see a screen that says, "let us calculate your expense deductions for you". Answer "yes" I will enter total amounts and let Turbo Tax do the math.