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Additional child tax credit

How do I check on my additional child tax credit return?
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Additional child tax credit

It's not clear what you're asking.  "Check on"?  Additional Child Tax credit  (ACTC) "return".


You do not file a separate return for the ACTC.  The ACTC is part of your one and only tax return.  It is calculated on form 8812 and entered on line 18b of form 1040. So, to "check on" how much you got, look at line 18b.  To find out why it wasn't more, review form 8812.


The child tax credit  (CTC) is limited to your tax liability. The CTC is a non-refundable credit and can only reduce your income tax to 0, It can not help you beyond eliminating your tax liability. But, if you have more than $2500 of earned income, some or all of it is usually given back to you thru the "Additional Child tax credit". That is, part of the CTC may be on line 18b of form 1040 (2019 version) instead of line 13a.   The  ACTC is calculated on form 8812 and  is basically 15% of your earned income over $2500. The ACTC is a maximum of $1400 per child (not $2000).