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New Member

Add Mileage to taxes

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Employee Tax Expert

Add Mileage to taxes

If you are an employee receiving a W-2, then mileage related to employee business expense is not deductible on your Federal return due to the changes enacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  You may still want to enter them in the event that your state still recognizes employee business expenses as a deduction.  


Get started entering the information for state purposes by following these steps:

  • On the top row of the TurboTax online screen, click on Search (or for CD/downloaded TurboTax locate the search box in the upper right corner)
  • This opens a box where you can type in “2106” (be sure to enter exactly as shown here) and click the magnifying glass (or for CD/downloaded TurboTax, click Find)
  • The search results will give you an option to “Jump to 2106
  • Click on the blue “Jump to 2106” link


If you are self-employed, then your mileage information will be deducted as a business expense on Schedule C.  Search for 'schedule C' to go directly to the Business Income and Expenses section of your return.  There will be a specific section to use for vehicle expenses. 


The same applies if your mileage is related to Rental Income and Expenses.  Search for 'schedule E' to go to that section and then look for vehicle expenses.


There is also a section for medical mileage and miles related to charity.  




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New Member

Add Mileage to taxes

I did not include mileage to Medical expenses.  How do I adjust the medical expenses entry?

Employee Tax Expert

Add Mileage to taxes

Please navigate back to the Federal section.

  1. Deductions and credits tab
  2. scroll down to Medical
  3. locate Medial Expenses
  4. Click Update
  5. Continue through all the expense categories until you see Tell us about anything spent on medical travel
  6. locate top line: Miles driven to get medical care
  7. include all miles driven for medical care, prescriptions, etc

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