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New Member

Turbtax keeps importing phantom w2s on my PA return

Federal Return looks good but PA return keeps showing an extra blank w2 and won't let me file because i have more w2s reported on my state return than on my federal return.  i deleted my w2s in the federal section and reentered by hand but this added a 2nd phantom w2.  Then i deleted all my w2s on the federal return and the state return now has three w2s and the same error message (can't file with more w2s than i report on my federal return).  


I tried to clear and start from scratch but turbotax tells me since i paid for the returns i cannot use this option.  Was thinking of deleting all forms from Tools but not sure if this is reversable/rebuildable.  


Any help welcomed!!!

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Level 15

Turbtax keeps importing phantom w2s on my PA return

Ok ... try this ... delete all the W2s in the federal section ...then close the program and reboot your computer.  Open your browser and clear your cookies (and/or switch browsers)   .... then log in and go to the state and complete the interview again ... at this point you should have no wages on the state return.  Then return to the federal section and enter the W2 again  and finally redo the state tab.   

New Member

Turbtax keeps importing phantom w2s on my PA return

Thanks.  I did delete the w2s without success but didnt' reboot. 


Ultimate solutions was after deleting the W2s, I went into "Tools", "Delete Forms", and i deleted all the PA state return forms. Some didn't not disappear from the menu but that's okay. I next re-imported the W2s, restarted the PA return, and had success.  


2nd year in a row where Turbo Tax issues have caused me to miss a filing deadline. 

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