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I filed my state taxes with the wrong state in 2017. Can I fix this?

In 2017, I had moved to Virginia from Maryland.  I forgot to change my state of residence to Virginia.  I filed my state taxes with Maryland.  Is there a way to fix this?  What forms do I need to file?  Can I do this on TurboTax?  I file my state taxes with TurboTax.  I got a letter from the state of Virginia requesting tax returns for 2017, which I don't have because I file with Maryland.  I need to fix this soon.  Please help.

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I filed my state taxes with the wrong state in 2017. Can I fix this?

Assuming you use the TTX Online software for 2017 taxes:


You would need to buy, download , install,  and use the 2017 Desktop software, download your 2017 .tax2017 datafile from your online account , and use that to  to "Amend" your 2017  tax filing to include an amended MD tax return that was changed to a Part-year resident  MD tax return, and then add in a new Part-year VA resident tax return.


While it "can" be done using that TTX software, the proper allocation of the Part-Year income between MD and VA, due to the Reciprocal tax agreement between those two states, would require a tax preparation adeptness that would make that process quite difficult...a local professional tax preparer would be smarter...and they probably are not very busy now.