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Part Residence in 2 States: MD & VA

I paid rent in VA from 1/1 - 9/13/19.

I paid rent in MD from 8/10 - 12/31/19.


If I paid for rent in 2 places from 10/8 - 9/13 (but lived in both) and need to file income from the time I was a residence in VA for my "Non-Maryland Income" information, would I file my income from 1/1/19 to my move-in date for MD on 10/8 or my move-out date in VA on 9/13? Also, is the income filed gross or net?

Thanks for the help!

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Employee Tax Expert

Part Residence in 2 States: MD & VA

It depends.


The date you established residence in the Maryland will be determined based upon the date you made it your permanent home.


In regards to your income, typically it depends upon the type of income.


All of your input would be done in the federal interview section.  If you have wages, just make sure to separate the state information as reported on your W-2 forms in boxes 15-17.


If you have a self-employed business, you would need to report your gross income and then list out the detail of your expenses.


Be sure to review your input in the My info section of the return to ensure your part-year state returns are prepared correctly.


Confirm that you have entered the correct state information: 

  1. Click "Edit" to the right of your name 
  2. Confirm your input under #2 "Tell us the state(s) you lived in" 
  3. Do the same for your spouse if you are married filing jointly. 
  4. Go back to the personal information section, and verify the mailing address and "Other state income" section. 

Be sure to prepare the tax return for the Virginia first since you are no longer a resident there.  Then prepare your Maryland return last.


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