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Non Resident State Money From K-1s

I am retired and live in NC.   I receive an income on 3 LLC's from the state of Georgia.  The income in the state of Georgia in less then $5000.   Your Georgia trubo tax says I owe $1600 dollars and my income in the state of Georgia is in excess of 31,000 dollars.  How do I resolve this excess income issue?


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Non Resident State Money From K-1s

Because you have Georgia source income, your are required to file a Georgia nonresident tax return.  You should go back through the TurboTax questions for the Georgia nonresident return, and make sure that only the Georgia LLC income is being entered as Georgia-source income.


The Georgia tax return uses a "Schedule 3" to calculate how much of your total federal income is taxable in Georgia.  For you, it is the income your received from the Georgia LLCs.  Based on the ratio of your Georgia income to your federal income, the Schedule 3 calculates a "Georgia Taxable Income"


Note also that you will receive a credit on your North Carolina tax return for the tax you paid on the Georgia LLC income, so that you don't pay state income tax twice on the same dollar of income.

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