Moved From CA to CO, How much CA income do I repor...
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New Member

Moved From CA to CO, How much CA income do I report

I worked for the same company all year. The last four months remotely from CO after buying a house there.

Do I need to claim income all year in California, or can I claim only 2/3 annual income for CA and 1/3 for CO?

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Employee Tax Expert

Moved From CA to CO, How much CA income do I report

It depends.


If the income your earned while working remotely in Colorado was from California sources, you will still need to report that income as being from California sources, even though you lived in Colorado at the time.


You can claim a credit in Colorado for taxes paid in another state for the income taxes paid in California for the period of time you were also taxed in Colorado.


The state returns will pull from the federal input as well and will generate the forms in the state section accordingly based upon your input.


In the My Info section of TurboTax, confirm that you have entered the correct state information: 

  1. Click "Edit" to the right of your name 
  2. Confirm your input under #2 "Tell us the state(s) you lived in" 
  3. Confirm the rest of the state-specific questions here as well including the "previous state of residence" and "date you became a resident" of the state noted 
  4. Do the same for your spouse if you are married filing jointly. 
  5. Go back to the personal information section, and verify the mailing address and "Other state income" section. 

Review your input on your W-2 Wages under the "Income & Expenses" section. 

Confirm that you have entered the correct state for each W-2 in Boxes 14-15. 


This will then allow you to enter your state returns for the part-year resident states. 


Prepare the part-year resident state tax return for the state you no longer reside in first.  Be sure to answer the questions carefully as you only want to report the income earned in while residing in that state.  


Once you have entered all of the first part-year resident information, then start your part-year resident state tax return for the state you reside in as of December 31st, 2019.  This will ensure you receive any credits for taxes on income which may have been taxed in both states. 



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New Member

Moved From CA to CO, How much CA income do I report

I have this question, too.

It says: "Total adjusted income from W-2s", followed by a dollar amount, and then asks me how much of that amount "did you earn while living or working in California?"

Problem: The "adjusted income" amount is not a number I can find myself anywhere. It's 7k higher (HSA contribution) than what TurboTax spits out as my "Total income" in my tax summary, which is higher than my "Adjusted gross income". On top of that, it's a little OVER 7k more than I can find when I add my income from HSA and W-2s.

So the number is higher than what TurboTax says is my adjusted income, and nowhere is there any help figuring out any adjustments I need to make to my California income. I could add all my income without any deductions, but how is that "adjusted"? It doesn't match the "adjusted" number TurboTax spits out. And again, if I add all my income even before any deductions, it still is a couple hundred short of what TurboTax is asking me about.

I spent hours trying to find a way to make the numbers add up to what TurboTax says, but aside from spending days doing all the paper work myself, I don't know if I'll be able to work it out.

Should I just add my pre-deduction California income up (numbers from boxes 3 and 5 on my W-2s are the highest, and get me within a few hundred of what TurboTax is asking)?

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