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How to calculate Non-CA HSA?

I moved from MA to CA in March 2018, so I spent 25% of the year as a MA resident and 75% as a CA resident. I contributed to the max $3450 for 2018.  I was lucky that my MA employer contributed $1600 upfront into my HSA account in Jan 2018 while I was a resident of MA

When I file my CA state return and calculate how much HSA should be attributed to CA, can I say that exactly $1600 is not applicable to CA HSA contribution (since CA does not deduct HSA)? 
Or do I have to do 25% of the year in MA --> 25% multiplied by $3450 = $862 is not applicable to HSA contribution?

I'm not sure which method the IRS will use to auto verify my amounts of HSA to each state...
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How to calculate Non-CA HSA?

The IRS will not use a method to auto verify your amounts to each state, because for the IRS, HSA contributions are treated the same way for every state.

It is California that will care. I have not seen a formula that California would use to figure the allocation (they may not even have one). Pick a formula that you are comfortable with and document it and leave it in your tax files in case anyone in California ever writes you a letter asking how you came to that number.

Level 2

How to calculate Non-CA HSA?

thanks for your help! I notice different answers online from Turbo Tax on if we are supposed to edit the HSA or not. like here:

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what's your take on this TurboTaxBillMc?