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Level 7

Filing status for New Jersey

Can we file 2019 MFJ federal and MFJ in New Jersey in this situation:

Single man worked and lived in PA for the first 6.5 months of 2019.  He only had PA income.

In mid-July he moved to New Jersey for a NJ job and only had NJ income.

In November he got married to a woman who has been working and living in NJ for seven years.  All of her income is from NJ.

Can we file MFJ federal and MFJ for NJ state taxes.  Note the man would need to file a part year return for PA and somehow on the MFJ NJ return only include NJ income he earned during the part of the year he lived and worked in NJ.  Is this possible?

(I know that NJ likes to have same filing status as federal, but I'm hoping this is a special case)

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Level 20

Filing status for New Jersey

Yes you can and so that you do not pay taxes on the same income twice you will get a credit on the NJ return for the PA taxes.  

Level 7

Filing status for New Jersey

In the NJ instructions is shows how to deduct income that was taxed by both PA and NJ.  But in this case the PA income was only taxed by PA (a PA part year return is required for PA).  How/where would I deduct the PA only income tax on the NJ MFJ return?  Thank you.