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Cannot download

I purchased an additional SC state due to working 2 jobs last year. I did not know I had an account already and purchased as a guest, not through an account. I entered my email and a couple of days later I finally received my order confirmation on my additional SC state to file. However, when I click "view downloads" I can only view from year 2017, when I must have registered an account that I had forgotten about. I entered my order number and my purchase information pops up but nowhere does it let me download. I refuse to pay an additional $44.95, where is my download? Thanks.

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Level 14

Cannot download

Was there any kind of link within your confirmation email to access your download?  


One other way you "may" find the download is to go straight to the homepage of  The first topic on the header bar says, "Products and Pricing".  Hover over that topic, and you'll see one option to "Access My Downloads".   You may try that option.


If you still have no luck, please contact TurboTax Customer Support during business hours for assistance.  A Support agent will be happy to assist you.  Use the info I'm linking below to contact Support.


What is the TurboTax phone number? 



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