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2018 pennsylvania state return

was there something else i needed to do using turbotax? i never received my state return?

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Level 15

2018 pennsylvania state return

Did you e-file your state tax return and was it accepted?
Only the IRS and your State control when and if a Federal or State tax refund is Approved and Issued.

You complete your tax return by finishing all 3 Steps in the File section. In Step 3, to e-file your tax return, you must click on the large Orange button labeled "Transmit my returns now".

After completing the File section and e-filing your tax return you will receive two emails from TurboTax. The first email when your tax return was transmitted and the second email when the tax return has either been accepted or rejected.


Use this TurboTax website to check the status of an e-filed return and if it was either accepted or rejected -

If accepted by the state use this TurboTax support FAQ to check the state tax refund status -

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2018 pennsylvania state return

Yes,it was accepted. i did it thru turbo tax. Its my 1st time so i don't know if i missed a step but i did not receive the 710$. it said i owed 1$ to the state. Do i have to pay that 1st in order to receive it? ive checked the Pa State return page & nothing comes up.

Level 15

2018 pennsylvania state return

You cannot be receiving a state tax refund and also owe taxes to the state on one tax return.  If you are looking at the TurboTax screen for your refund, that shows the Net of the Federal and State, not the amounts of each tax return whether a refund or owed.  You need to look at your actual state tax return and enter the exact amount of the refund from the state tax return on the PA website -


When you sign onto your online account and land on the Tax Home web page, scroll down and click on Add a state.  Add a State 2018.JPG



This will take you back to the 2018 online tax return.


Click on Tax Tools on the left side of the online program screen.  Then click on Print Center.  Then click on Print, save or preview this year's return
If the PA website still shows no record of your state tax refund and the TurboTax website shows that the state accepted the tax return, then contact the PA state department of revenue for assistance -

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