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What is reCaptcha?

A Captcha ("Completely Automated Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart,” it's kind of cute and self explanatory) is normally a series of letters and or numbers, or even a photo, you enter into a website to indicate you are a a real person and not a bot. reCaptcha is a process based on that technology that that tends to be less painful to the average user yet still adds a layer of protection to systems from abusive or spam attacks.

As part of our measures to increase the security of the services we offer to our customers, we will at times offer up this reCaptcha experience that forces a user to manually indicate they are not a robot. This can help protect our websites and user accounts from undesirable activity that can cause harm to the easy experiences we wish to deliver for you.

Learn more about how TurboTax safeguards your data.

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