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Social security over payment refunds

Hello. I am filing jointly with my wife and I have changed employer in April 2016.
The first employer has withheld social security taxes for $4,071.76 and the second reached the cap of $7,347. My wife has 4 W-2s for a total social security tax withheld of  $536.57. A pop-up window during my Turbotax entries said I could have got a refund for over $4,000 for social security, However, it is not showing up in the final calculations for the Federal and State returns.
Am I entitled for a refund?
If so, how should I request it?
Thanks and Regards,
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Social security over payment refunds

It would be on the 1040 Line 71 Excess social security and tier 1 RRTA tax withheld . The excess amount will be included in your refund. If one single employer took out too much, they would need to pay you back and report that to the IRS.

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Social security over payment refunds

TCJA Update: Refund of Social Security over-payment


Under the new IRS Forms created under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Legislation passed in 2017 Excess social security and tier 1 RRTA formerly on Form 1040 Line 71 is now shown on Schedule 3 Line 11 Additional Credits and Payments, then flows to Form 1040 Line 18d.


Here is how the  Social Security over-payment flows from Schedule 3 Line 11 to Form 1040 Line 18d.

  1. The Excess social security and tier 1 RRTA (over-payment of Social Security) is entered on Schedule 3, Line 11
  2. The total of the addition of Schedule 3, lines 8 through 13 is then entered on Schedule 3, Line 14.
  3. Schedule 3, Line 14 is then transferred to Form 1040 (1040-SR)  line 18d

The refund of the over-payment of Social Security taxes is included in Form 1040 Line 19  “Total Payments” 


(Form 1040 Line 19 is the combined total of lines 17, 18a through 18e, which includes W-2 and 1099 federal income taxes withheld, other payments and refundable credits) 

Social security over payment refunds

We filed on 2/17/22 with Turbo Tax including a social security withholdings overpayment and a federal tax overpayment. We received a couple of weeks later the federal tax overpayment but still nothing on the social security withholdings overpayment

Turbo tax populated the ss overpayment on Schedule 3 Line 11 and Line 15 and 1040 line 31 and 32 "Total other payments and refundable credits"

How can I find out the status of ss withholding overpayment refund?


Social security over payment refunds

Did you get the full refund?  The Social Security overpayment on line 31 is included in the total refund on line 35a.  Or did the IRS reduce your refund and deduct the SS overpayment?


Did you both have W2s?  You only get the excess SS back if one person had more than the max, not both combined.  If one spouse had more than 1 employer and paid more than $8,853.60 in Social Security tax (box 4) combined you get the excess back on your tax return.

Social security over payment refunds

TurboTax reported my ss withholding overpayment on lines 31 and 32. 
we also had an FIT overpayment and refund which the program reported on lines 34 and 35a. 
we received the refund for FIT within a couple of weeks of filing 


we both had W2’s. I’m the only one that had a withholding overpayment 



Social security over payment refunds

@olguerragurto - a few qurstions


For the refund listed on line 34, is THAT the refund you received? 


if yes, then the Social security overpayment is already part of that refund.  It is part of the Total Payments on Line 33 and then Line 33 is subtracted from Line 24 to determine the refund.


if no, what is the difference between what you received and what is on Line 34? 


Social security over payment refunds

Sorry it doesn't come separately.  It either increased your refund or reduced a tax due.  Look at your return.  Start with the total tax on line 24 and follow the math down to the end.

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