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Should my SS tax withheld be more than my federal tax withheld?

I was told by many people your SS tax witheld should never be more than your federal tax witheld.

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Should my SS tax withheld be more than my federal tax withheld?

Really depends on what is on your W-4 form that you gave to your employer.

The SS tax is only 6.2% of if your tax situation is such that all your income puts you into the 25% tax will need much more than 6% withheld for the eventual Federal taxes.

Some people have tons of "Itemized Deductions" such that then need only a bit of W-2, box 2 withholding......while others only have the Std Deduction and will pay more taxes on their wages...and would need a large amount in box 2 of the W-2 for the same wages.


File your taxes this year...if you get a refund that is OK...but not too large, then you are withholding the right amount on your wages..

IF you Owe the IRS at tax time, then you need to get your withholding increased by giving your employer a new W-4 form, with "fewer" allowances than you originally many fewer depends on how much you owed at tax time.

____________*Answers are correct to the best of my knowledge when posted, but should not be considered to be legal or official tax advice.*
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