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New Member

I'm already approved for the clergy exemption from social security. Where do I enter that information?

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Intuit Alumni

I'm already approved for the clergy exemption from social security. Where do I enter that information?

If you received a W-2, you enter it in the W-2 wage section of TurboTax.

Follow the instructions to import or manually enter your W-2.

1.    When you get to Box 14, enter CLERGY HOUSING, followed by the amount. We’ll automatically classify the allowance as Other - not on the list above. select Continue. (The amount might be reported to you in a letter from the church or in your employment contract if not on your W2.)

2.    If you get additional screens, answer those questions.

3.    When you reach the Do any of these uncommon situations apply to this W-2? screen, check the 4th box for Religious employment, then select Continue.

4.    On the following screen, choose You earned this income for clergy employment and select Continue.

5.    Enter your allowance on the Tell Us About your Clergy Housing screen. For Qualifying Expenses, enter the lesser of:

o   Your qualified housing expenses;

o   The fair rental value of your housing expenses; or

o   Your housing or parsonage allowance. (Housing allowance – qualifying expenses = taxable income)

6.    Select Continue, and on the Clergy Self-Employment Tax screen, choose the appropriate option and Continue again.

If your clergy income was reported on Form 1099-MISC, follow these steps.

1.    When in your account, select the Take Me to My Return button on the main screen.

2.    Search for business code and then click the "Jump to" link in the search results.

3.    Answer Yes when asked if you want to work on or set up your business (you may need to upgrade to Self Employed/Home & Business).

o   If you land on the Business Summary screen, click Edit next to your clergy entry or Add Another Business if you haven't yet set it up.

4.    Continue with the questions, and when you get to the business code screen, enter 813000.

5.    Keep answering the questions, and eventually you'll get to the Clergy and Recognized Religious Sects screen.  Make sure the the appropriate option is and then click Continue.

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