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How do I handle a long term disability payback that covers last year and the current tax year?

My husband was approved for social security disability starting in November 2018.   We received his back pay (November through March) in March 2019 with the first regular payment(for March)  occurring in April. My husband has received long term disability from his employer, that has been taxed federally, since July 1, 2018.  His lump-sum payback to the long term disability was for November, December, January, and February's social security payment.


My estimate of the 2018 payback is $3800(Nov. and Dec.) with $3900 (January and February) of the payback applying to 2019.  How do we handle a payback is partly the previous year and partly the current year?


I know Social Security pays a month behind, but his long term disability did not.  We were paid for November and December in 2018.


I used Turbotax Premium last year.  I am not sure what I will need to use this year.