Will my tax return be completed for free because I am an e-4 in the military?
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Will my tax return be completed for free because I am an e-4 in the military?

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Will my tax return be completed for free because I am an e-4 in the military?

No, not in that product that you are using.  You are in the wrong edition.   You added-on an extra feature--the "Live" tax help. 

There are 2 free products that active military can use that I will tell you about, but you are not in either one of them.  Please read this entire long post before making a decision. 

You appear to be using "Live Deluxe" which is a paid upgrade to Deluxe that has on-demand live help from a CPA/EA tax pro during preparation and a final review of your return, which they will sign.    Live Deluxe is 119.99 for a Federal return, and 44.99 for a State return.  If you want to get back to regular Deluxe, you'd first have to remove that Live feature, and then use the Military discount site.    If you wish, here's how to remove "Live" and get back to regular Deluxe in Online TurboTax:


Regular Deluxe has free Federal and State returns for E1-E5 pay grades or a small discount in higher products.  Higher pay grades get a small discount in Deluxe and higher products.  You should be signing in each time at the military page at this link.  There is a SIGN IN link at the top right on that page.


There is another free product that all military pay grades can use called TurboTax Free File Program, which is free for both Federal and State returns.   There are no fees or upgrades.  It can prepare all the usual Federal forms, and as such, is even more powerful than Deluxe.   You have to meet ONE qualification:

1) Active military (also Reservists and National Guard) with military W-2 and a 2018 AGI of $66,000 or less
2) Any other filers with 2018 AGI of $34,000 or less
3) Anyone eligible for EIC (earned income credit.)

See this FAQ for more info:

If desired, here's how to switch and start over in TurboTax Free File Program.

NOTE:  If you switch to Free File Program by that method, and find out later you don't qualify, you won't be able to go back to regular Online TurboTax in that same account.  So instead of switching that way, if you wish you could start a new account (new User ID) at the Free File Program website, which would maintain the option of returning to the other Online TurboTax account, if necessary.

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