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New Member

Debt in Collections Decreased

Today I received a few emails that the amount of debt I have for an old Medical Bill decreased by $141 and I did not make a payment. It is close to the end of the Statute of Limitations and I fear the debt collector is trying to extend the amount of time this gets reported on. I am concerned over this as I have not made payments on this debt or even spoken to someone from the collection agency in many years at this stage. What steps should I take for this type of action on the part of the debt collector? This is an old debt that has not had any changes made to the account until more than 6 years has passed since it first came active. I know they can say I made a payment and try to extend the time they can attempt to collect on it, or that it remains effecting my credit score.

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Debt in Collections Decreased

"What steps should I take for this type of action on the part of the debt collector?"

If the debt is legitimate and you do "in fact" owe it, why not pay it? Also, there are many, many ways the statute of limitations on a valid debt can be renewed.

New Member

Debt in Collections Decreased

That is not what he asked you. 

He already knows the answer to whether he owes it or not. 

You only gave half an answer ~Assuming~ he did NOT know if said Debt was legit, you only answered HALF the Assumed scenarios.


Please Answer the question.  Without Bias or judgment, that is YOUR responsibility for the job you have agreed to. 


Denyka Powell 

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