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What do I do if I have multiple 1098s from refinancing my home debt?

When you have more than one Form 1098 with the refinance info and both show the same balance of the mortgage, TurboTax adds the amounts together. And that may lead to a limitation of the deduction, because the balance is then overstated. To avoid this, make sure that you're not reporting the same mortgage balance twice.

If your combined home debt is under $750,000 ($750,000 for married filing jointly and $375,000 for married filing separately), there's nothing new for you to do in 2020. Enter each 1098 as you normally would.

Home Debt Over $750,000 for Married Filing Jointly and $375,000 for Married Filing Separately

Under tax law, you're limited on the amount of home interest you can deduct. The limit is based on the loan amount and date of the origination of debt. We want to make sure we calculate this correctly for you. 

If you refinanced last year, you’ll have a Form 1098 from your previous lender and one from the lender you refinanced with. You’ll need both forms. 

Follow these steps to enter your mortgage info:

  1. Gather all of your 1098 forms related to your refinance (the form from your original lender and the form from your new lender).
  2. Grab a calculator and add together the box 1 amount from each form. Enter the total in TurboTax as Box 1 Mortgage interest.
  3. Add the Box 5 amount from each form and enter the total as Box 5 Mortgage insurance premiums. (If you weren’t required to pay mortgage interest, these boxes will be blank on your forms and you won’t enter anything.)
  4. Add the property tax paid from each form and enter it in the Property (real estate) taxes box.

Next, finish adding info for boxes 2, 3, 7, and 11 using Form 1098 for the original loan.

What if I have more than two 1098s?

You should combine all of the 1098s directly related to the refinance and enter it as one 1098.  An example of this is if you refinanced two loans into one loan. Any 1098s not directly related to the refinance should get entered separately.

What if I paid points?

Points on Loans Paid Off in 2020: Enter the points on your 1098 you have started and mark you paid off the loan when promoted.

Points on Loans on New Loans: You'll want to enter a separate 1098 to cover these points paid. When prompted, enter 0.00 for Boxes 1, 2, 5, and the Property (real estate) taxes box, and place a checkmark in Box 7, as you’ve already entered the details on your first 1098. For Box 3, add the date in 2020 when the loan originated.

On the Tell us about any points paid to bank screen, answer in regards to the new loan when asked about points.

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