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New Member

Rental home sold, how to depreciate?

Sold home in 2016, now trying to figure out how to include in the tax return?
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Intuit Alumni

Rental home sold, how to depreciate?

The business module is broken down into several section, Income, Expenses and Assets. Please see the screen shot below. As you go through the entries, there will be two spots to indicate the sale. See the steps and the screen shots below.

If you have not done your taxes throughout the years with Turbotax, you would need to find your depreciation worksheet for 2015 and manually enter your prior depreciation. IF you have done it within the program, the depreciation carries forward from year to year. If you have never taken the deprecation, the program will figure it based on the purchase price plus major improvements.

Under Property Profile

 Any of These Situations Apply to This Property?

I sold or disposed of this property in 2016.

Was This Property Rented for All of 2016?

No, this property was not rented all year.

Enter days rented at Fair Rental Price

Under Depreciation

 Tell Us About This Rental Asset

The item was sold, retired, stolen, destroyed, disposed of, converted to personal use, traded in, or given away (or it's no longer being used in this business for some other reason).

Date you sold / retired it from use: Fill in date.

If you used Turbotax previously to enter your rental information, your depreciation amount for prior years should carry forward. You select continue to accept the amount figured or you can correct it.


Sales Information

Asset Sale Price

Asset Sales Expenses 

Land Sales Price

Land Sales Expenses


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