A CPA (in prior year) prepared my taxes (LLC 1065 and personal 1040) based on  the fact that my rental property has avg rental period LESS than 7 days than my losses can be treated as NOT " passive" on form 1065. in this case they go on page 1 of the 1065 and I did NOT complete a form 8825


the advantage being that on my personal 1040, these losses can REDUCE my W2 taxable income. we did not have to declare myself as self employed .  was this correct?    


 this year im using turbo tax for my 2020 1040 and its telling me i owe self employment tax  because of 'non farm gross income' on my k1 even though this is a year of   "net" loss just like when the CPA prepared return.  where am i going wrong here?


(NOTE: I manually prepared the form 1065 and the K1's but using TT for my personal 1040)