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New Member

asset entry workshhet

I have a similar problem where all the rental assets I have on schedule E does not generate all of the asset entry worksheet. Over 9 rental assets only 7 shows asset entry worksheet and of course a form 4797 for those properties are missing

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Level 15

asset entry workshhet

Your post is a new post (as it should be) and therefore stands alone. We don't know what your "similar" problem is. The 4797 is for reporting the sale of business property. That form would only be generated for properties you actually sold in the tax year (2021 I presume?).

I'm not clear if you sold 7 rental properties, or a single rental properties with a number of listed assets that, including the property itself, would total to 9 assets sold.I'll assume a single rental property.

- When reporting the sale of rental property, if you sold at a gain then you must show a gain on all assets listed, even if that gain is only $1 on some assets, and $50K on other assets. If you show a gain on some assets and a loss on others, the program can't deal with that and your tax return will be wrong.

Assuming you sold at a gain, your sales price on each asset needs to be a minimum of $1 over the original cost basis. That is the only way the program can correctly recapture the depreciation on all of those assets.

The sales price of all assets should add up to your total sales price as shown in your sales contract.

If the above is true, and things still aren't showing up, then there's more we need to check.


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