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Credit on CA State for Repayment of SSA Benefits Received in an Earlier Year

Our Box 5 total on this year's SSA-1099 is a negative number due to our repayment of SS benefits that were received in an earlier year.  The deduction is more than $3000, so using the instructions on IRS Publication 915, I figured our tax two ways. 

First, I figured our Fed tax for 2019 with the itemized deduction included on Schedule A, line 16, using Turbo Tax's "Claim of Right Repayment" under "Other deductions and credits - Other deductible expense."  This method also translates to and effects our CA State return. 

Then I figured our Fed tax for 2019 instead by claiming a credit for the repaid amount on Schedule 3 (Form 1040) line 13, checking box d, writing IRC 1341in the space provided.  Comparing the tax figured both ways, the credit method results in less tax on the Fed return.  However, it does nothing to the tax amount owed on our CA state return.  Am I missing something on our CA return by choosing the credit method?

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