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Amended form?

Tubo tax helped me file an amended tax form.  Can you email me a copy of it?


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Amended form?

TurboTax cannot mail or email a copy of a tax return.  You can download the PDF of your tax return yourself.


To access your current or prior year online tax returns sign onto the TurboTax website with the userID you used to create the account -

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and on the section Your tax returns & documents click on Show.  Click on the Year and Click on Download/print return (PDF)

Or -

When you sign onto your online account and land on the Tax Home web page, scroll down and click on Add a state. 

This will take you back to the 2019 online tax return.

Click on Tax Tools on the left side of the online program screen.  Then click on Print Center.  Then click on Print, save or preview this year's return.  Choose the option Include government and TurboTax worksheets

Level 15

Amended form?

And if you did an Amended 1040X return you have to print and mail it yourself.  If you did that you may still have the pdf file you downloaded.

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