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1040 says someone can claim my spouse as a dependent

I'm not married and filed as single way back in January.


I just found out that this is what's stopping me from receiving my stimulus payment. The IRS says they can't fix it on their end.

I'm going back through and trying to amend my return through TurboTax but there seems to be no question anywhere that asks about a spouse being claimed as a dependent. It only asks if I personally can be claimed by someone else, to which I answered no. But that checked box about a spouse somehow still shows up on my 1040. How do I uncheck that option? Am I simply overlooking it?

I tried calling the customer service line and it won't even let me through the automated portion unless I agree to pay $35 and upgrade from the free edition. I've read enough similar stories that I'm pretty sure this is a TurboTax screw up and not my fault. Can I agree to the upgrade for now and then later demand a refund of the charge? Any suggestions?

The only option the IRS offered was waiting until I file my taxes next year which is ridiculous.

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1040 says someone can claim my spouse as a dependent

It depends.


It sounds like you need to update your personal information in your return.


Log back into TurboTax.

  1. On the black panel on the left, select My Info 
  2. Select Edit to the right of your name
  3. You will be able to edit your personal information in this section 
  4. Be sure your filing status is marked as Single and ensure you do not have any information for a spouse anywhere else in this section

Also, please note if you are amending the return, it cannot be electronically filed.  It will need to be mailed in.  


Once the IRS processes your amended return, they will issue you a stimulus payment if you qualify as they are issuing stimulus payments throughout the year as returns are processed.  


If the amended return takes longer to process, you will have the option to claim a credit on your 2020 tax return for the amount of the stimulus payment you should have received.




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