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Wrongfully rejected for IND-116

IND-116: For each dependent in 'DependentDetail' in the return, if 'EligibleForChildTaxCreditInd' is checked, then that dependent's age must be under 17.


For the second year in a row the federal government has rejected my e-file because of this issue, which has caused the state return to be rejected also (after I paid Intuit to e-file my state return).


I have two kids; both are dependents.  One is over 17, one is under.  ONLY THE ONE UNDER 17 has a check for "Eligible For Child Tax Credit."  Turbo tax reviews the return and says "OK, it's all good!" without changing anything, and it's gets rejected again (because nothing has actually changed).


This is a federal government e-filing bug, and I have no idea where to report it.  When I just print it out and mail it in, I have no problems getting my refund.


So where can we go to report things like this?  It's moot for me because my youngest turns 17 this year anyway, but it's a pretty annoying issue.