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Level 2

w2 for business income

My wife has a consulting business and worked as Adjunct Professor to teach a class at a university last spring.  The institution sent a W-2 and not a 1099.  How do I enter the w-2 as business income instead of personal income?

Level 9

w2 for business income

A W-2 must be entered under Wages and cannot be considered Self-Employment income.


If the school withheld taxes from her pay, you should enter the W-2 as it was reported to you. But if the W-2 reports only gross wages, you may wish to contact the school to be sure the W-2 wasn't an error on their part.

Level 15

w2 for business income

As stated by PatriciaV, the W-2 will be reported and entered only in the W-2 section of the program. Now if the "statutory employee" box is checked on that W-2, make sure you check it in the program. That will allow you to legally deduct any expenses associated with that income, on SCH C instead of SCH A.  If it's not checked, then you can't claim any expenses associated with that income on the SCH C.