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Turbo Tax "Net California Adjustments" seems wrong?



I'm doing my 2018 taxes, and it feels like the California Net Adjustments it calculated (6899) is wrong.  I tried filling it out by hand, and compared it against other software, and Turbo Tax seems wrong whereas the other two cases match up.


I have $6185 in california tax deductible interest, which looks like it'd go in 2b on CA(540).  I also have an HSA contribution of $5400 for 2018, which goes on line 25b.  So 37b should be computing 6185-5400 = $785, but I'm seeing it report $6899 which I have no idea where that's coming from.   For my particular situation, I have no other numbers in the 'b' column from line 1-36, so this has to be how things are computed.  CreditKarma and my hand computations are showing a $785 value there, but Turbo Tax gets some wild $6899 value.


It sucks because you can't preview the state to see what or how that computation was arrived from... I'm not really willing to pay until I know it's right.  How can I report this or have someone look at it to see if there's a bug?