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Obtaining TT download after purchase from CostCo

What a terrible experience!!  I am still 'On Hold' with TurboTax support after 40 minutes.  I purchase the CD version of TT Home and Business at CostCo and need the download version.  The support analyst inquired on my zip code, then home address (25 minutes) and then spent 10 minutes chasing 'the price of the product at costco' - put me on hold again for another 5 minutes - then asked me for my credit card information. WHAT?  I already purchased your product - why am I going to give someone over the phone my credit card when I am not purchasing anything?  This is an awful process and has made me rethink my dedication to Intuit and this product.  TIP TO INTUIT - INCLUDE A PRODUCT KEY WITH YOUR CD ORDERS TO ALLOW CUSTOMERS TO DOWNLOAD THEMSELVES.


Support ID - this was removed by INTUIT because it is the same digits as a tax number