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New York Resident Deductions / Self-Employment Tax



I am doing a state return for my part-time residency in NY during 2017, January 1 - March 31.

I am confused on what to enter in the screen 'New York Resident Deductions'.


'Enter any federal deductions attributable to the period of your New York State residency. If none, enter zero.'


Self-Employment Tax:          Federal Amount: $3,047          New York Resident Deductions: ?


Any help would be much appreciated!



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Level 9

New York Resident Deductions / Self-Employment Tax

To get to this screen, you had just gone through a bunch of screens asking you to allocate your 2017 income to New York versus not-New York because I assume that you are a part-year resident (if you are filing something else, let me know).


Now, TurboTax has discovered one federal deduction - your self-employment tax - that it needs to allocate between New York and not-New York.


Earlier, did you allocate your self-employed business income between New York and not-New York? If so, use the same New York percentage as you used there to multiply the federal self-employment deduction and get the New York Resident deduction.


Basically, just as you allocated business income to New York and not-New York, you will allocate deductions derived from business (which your self-employment tax definitely is) the same way.