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Level 2

Extension but have to pay

If I filed for an extension and I know I will end up having to pay, how do I figure out how much to pay now so I'm not delinquent?

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Level 9

Extension but have to pay

While some of it is going to be using your best guess and estimates (you can reference prior years) - if you need to estimate the amount of taxes you may owe, then you have two options that TurboTax can help you with -

  1.  The best option is to complete as much of the return as possible to get the most accurate idea of if/how much taxes you might owe.  Then, file for an extension and pay the amount of taxes due to avoid interest.
  2. You can also use TurboTax TaxCaster to estimate your taxes - this is a good option if you have a general idea of some of your information but not a lot of details -